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Effective September 21st, the format for viewing food inspection results has changed. Here are some highlights:

  • The landing page after searching for a food facility will now indicate the status of the facility “PASS”; “REINSPECTION SCHEDULED” OR “CLOSED”.
  • To view food facility inspection report details, click on the expand (+) button for any particular inspection. A PDF copy will no longer be posted.
  • It is important to note that certain services, such as “Award of Excellence Recipient” or “Health Permit Suspension/Reinstatement”  do not have comments for display and are intended to provide the public with basic information. To view details for a Health Permit Suspension/Health Permit Reinstatement” refer to the inspection service.

Up to 2 years of inspection history may be viewed. If you have any questions regarding the changes or the inspection process, please contact  Orange County Environmental Health at (714) 433-6000.


Food Safety Myths (English language video)

Food Safety Myths (Spanish language video)

Did you know there are 48 million cases of food borne
illness each year? Learn some simple food safety tips
from our Environmental Health division to keep you and
your family healthy this holiday season.

¿Sabía usted que hay 48 millones de casos de
enfermedades transmitidas por alimentos cada año?
Aprenda algunos consejos sencillos de seguridad
alimentaria de nuestra división de Salud Ambiental para
mantener a usted ya su familia saludables durante esta
temporada navideña.


Sabra Dipping Company Issues Voluntary Recall Of Certain Hummus Products Because Of Possible Health Risks


Sabra Dipping Co., LLC is voluntarily recalling certain hummus products made prior to November 8, 2016 due to concerns over Listeria monocytogenes, which was identified at the manufacturing facility but not in tested finished product. The recall includes the products listed in the link below; these were distributed to retail outlets, including food service accounts and supermarkets, in the U.S. and Canada.


We Talk Turkey!

And a whole lot of other foods that will be part of your Thanksgiving holiday meal.  Want to know how long it takes to thaw a frozen turkey in the refrigerator?  Or what’s the proper temperature to reach before you feast?  We have the answers. Follow our food safety tips to ensure the safety of your friends and family.  The rest will be gravy!

The Art of Handwashing Campaign

You’ve got a mystery on your hands! In recognition of Global Handwashing Day, the Food Protection Program is excited to launch our new handwashing campaign: The Art of Handwashing. Explore our art-inspired handwashing signs and new oral culture storyboard.

2016 Award of Excellence 

The Food Protection Program has initiated an incentive program for food establishments which identifies and awards a certificate to food establishments that routinely exhibit excellent food safety and sanitation practice.

Spotlight on Norovirus

Norovirus is the leading cause of illness from contaminated food or water – but food isn’t the only way people get this illness. It also spreads easily from person to person and spreads quickly in groups of people. Read here to find out more about Norovirus.

Need to pay your Annual Health Permit Invoice?  Good news, you can now pay online!


Orange County's New Food Inspection App for iPhone and Android!

We are happy to announce our newest addition to our Public Notification System.  In order to keep the public informed about food safety and sanitation at Orange County’s restaurants and markets, the Environmental Health Food Safety Program has developed an app that will allow you to search for your favorite restaurant, see what's around you, see all current facilities that are currently closed and even have inspection reports emailed to you.  Download it by using one of the buttons below.


Save our Water - Tips to reduce your water use

It is estimated that food facilities use up to 5,000 gallons of water per day. With the current drought that California is facing, conserving our limited water resources is very important. As of April 1, 2015, the State has mandated that Californians must reduce their water usage (on average) by 25%. This restriction is in effect through February 28, 2016.

Waste Not OC Coalition - Feeding the Need 

Waste Not OC is a coalition of food banks, health care representatives, restaurants, food distributors and community leaders dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of the community and ending food insecurity. Click on the header to learn more about the program and how to get involved.  Information regarding food donations can be found here.

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